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  • Macrobins

    Macrobins & T-Bins

    Macrobins perfect for transporting grapes. Type 24S.
    T-Bins with double walled plastic for fermenting, with lids. Pro Bin 44S
  • PowerUnitsView_BCTYard

    Trucking Services

    Wine tanker trailers, capable of hauling edible liquids, distilled spirits (high-proof), finished wine, grape juice & fruit concentrate. We also offer flatbeds and dry vans. We are certified by the State of California as a licensed "Water Hauler."


    Available in 220, 250, 350, 450, and 550 gallon sizes and come in a wide assortment of non-jacketed and jacketed. Our jacketed tanks come with sample valves, thermo wells and racking ports.
  • Round Open Top Tanks

    Round Open Top/Fermenting Tanks

    Forkliftable Portable Wine fermentation and storage tanks, 4’ – 9” diameter x 4’ tall stainless steel. Open top is 525 gallons, Closed Top is 530 gallons.

Trucking and Tank Rental Services

Offering a large variety of trucking and tank rental solutions.

Trucking & Hauling Services

Late model power units, pulling stainless steel bulk wine tanker trailers capable of hauling edible liquids, distilled spirits (high-proof), finished wine, grape juice & fruit concentrate. We offer flatbeds when you need to move empty or full wine barrels and dry vans to move your finished case goods. We are also a certified State of California licensed "Water Hauler".

Tank Rentals

Open and closed top, round and square tanks for fermenting and storage. Portatanks, Macrobins, T-Bins, Pumps and Chillers also available for rent. Great for Water, Wine, Fruit Juice and more!

Scotsman Interstate Tank Lines

Scotsman Tank Lines can provide you with the correct trailer configuration to match your needs, no matter which state of origin your load is in and carry to any destination within the continental United States. We own & operate late model power units, pulling our own certified food-grade, edible liquid, lightweight stainless steel trailers.