Bulk Potable Water Hauling

Potable Drinking Water Hauler

Butch Cameron Trucking, Inc. is licensed and certified by the State of California as a Potable Bulk Water Hauler . We have an assortment of truck & trailer configurations that are certified for the purpose of hauling and delivering potable water, spring water, well water, etc., in bulk quantities. (6,500-gallon to 6,700-gallons) We deliver it into a production facility for bottled drinking water for the private label & consumer wholesale & retail markets.

  • 3-Axle tractors with 2-Axle semi trailers.
  • 3-Axle truck-tankers with 2-Axle pull trailers. 
  • 2-Axle tractors with sets of doubles-trailers.

Potable Spring & Mineral water sources available.

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