Distilled Spirits Hauling

Distilled Spirits Hauling Butch Cameron Trucking can haul your distilled spirits (high proof) product or products, local, intrastate or interstate.

  • “High Proof”, Distilled Spirits / Wine Spirits, Interstate Edible Liquid Transfer, Certified Government Signage
  • 2 Compartment configuration; 3,250 / 3,250 compartments = 6,500 gallon capacity
  • Roll-over protection on top with lockable, sealed safety valve’s. Safety featured fall protection ladder for access.
  • Dual valve discharge with dual safety valve configuration for load & unload.

We offer the following tank & tanker sizes for hauling “High-Proof”, or distilled spirits:

  • 220, 250, 350, 450 & 550-gallon capacity utilizing Porta-Tanks that are carried on our small bobtail flatbeds
  • A small bobtail tanker with 1,100 / 1,100-gallon size capacity
  • A larger 3,250 / 3,250-gallon size semi tanker trailer

Butch Cameron Trucking has trained personnel & equipment to respond to overturned food grade tank truck spills, so as to recover product spillage quickly, as required in the new food industry guidelines. We are also fully insured with PL, PD, Cargo, Pollution, Overturn, etc. Policies are available to view upon request. Certified government signage built onto the barrel body.

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