Interstate Bulk Liquids

DCP_0199We can provide you with the correct trailer configuration to match your needs, no matter which state of origin your load is in and carry to any destination within the continental United States. We own & operate late model power units, pulling our own certified food-grade, edible liquid, lightweight stainless steel trailers. Our various trailer configurations can match your load requirements, resulting in full capacity loads, minimizing air space. We travel across state lines carrying distilled spirits, wine, juice & fruit concentrate.

  •  We offer a fleet of trailers with multiple compartments, allowing for one product or multiple products to be hauled on the same load. When configured to match your load requirements, this capability creates savings on your transportation costs. We have a trailer with 4 compartments, sized 2,200, 900, 1,700 & 1,700 = resulting in a total capacity of 6,500 gallons. These 4 compartments can also be loaded with one product or up to 4 different products, and then the discharge valve’s can be matched to the compartments for unloading.
  • Have less than a full load of product crossing state lines? No problem let us schedule your load in conjunction with another partial load going in the same direction. All parties involved would save!
  • Our Interstate capable tractor & trailer configurations allow us to haul payloads as high as 54,000 lbs gross! This would be accomplished utilizing our lightweight tractors pulling a single, insulated compartment trailer, depending on your product type & the specific gravity weight factor.
  • Our late model power units, equipped with sleepers, GPS tracking and radio/mobile phone communication with onboard computers helps us stay in touch, so you stay informed. Our tanker trailers come equipped with locking valves and are maintained to our high standards, which create virtually no downtime or delays in moving your product from origin to destination.

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