Open Top Fermentors

Open Top Fermenting TankRound Open Top TanksPhoto Apr 04, 10 27 12 AM


Stainless steel open top fermentors with a jacket on one side. 497 gallon capacity at 47”x57 1/2” high and a 17”x13” manway door. Includes a 2” racking port and a sloped bottom with a 2” discharge valve. Optional equipment offered includes plastic tops and stainless steel screens.

Our round, portable wine fermentation and storage tanks, 4’ – 9” diameter x 4’ tall stainless steel. Open top is 525 gallons, Closed Top is 530 gallons. Features include bottom door, racking port, thermal well, dimpled jacket around entire tank, and they are forkliftable.


– BCT Solutions, a partner of Butch Cameron Trucking

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