Wine & Barrel Hauling

Wine Tankers

Butch Cameron Trucking offers all stainless steel constructed, lightweight, single and multi-compartment bulk wine tanker trailers. We own and operate late model power units, pulling our own certified food-grade, edible liquid trailers.

We have over 50 stainless steel trailers of various configurations, capable of hauling 6,500 or 6,700 gallons respectively, allowing for full loads with zero head space (dead air).  We are also fully insured with PL, PD, Cargo, Pollution, Overturn, etc.

  • Our bulk wine tanker trailers come in various configurations, such as a large amount of single compartment, semi’s, capable of 6,500 gallon capacity. A bunch of dual compartment, semi’s, 2 = 3,300 gallon compartments, capable of a 6,600 gallon capacity, and a big amount of multi-compartment trailers, such as a 4 compartment, semi, capable of 2,200/900/1,700/1,700 gallons = 6,500 gallon total capacity. These 4 compartments can also be loaded all with one product or up to 4 different products, and then the discharge valve’s can be matched to the compartments for unloading.
  • We also have smaller bobtail type tanker trucks in our fleet for those hard to reach wineries or small lots of wine that need transport. One example is a late model 2-axle truck with a dual-compartment tank, 1,100/1,100 gallon = 2,200 gallon capacity.
  • All stainless steel construction – we own ZERO aluminum trailers.
  • Our customer base stretches across the state lines, so if your in need of just a partial load or multiple pick-up/drop-off points, please call us, chances are we’re not far away and we could combine loads. Everyone saves with our size and flexibility!


Wine Barrel Hauling

Butch Cameron Trucking has numerous sets of doubles configured with custom made, wine barrel hauling racks.

  • In-house, custom-made wine barrel racks, capable of transporting 2 barrel racks stacked, can help facilitate ground loading with a forklift, eliminating the need of a loading dock.
  • We can carry 80 barrels, full or empty, on racks with our system!
  • We  also offer dry vans to haul your barrels if need be. Or the flexibility of one trailer w/barrels and the other with bins of grapes! With our in-house shop & fabrication facility, we can adapt quickly for those custom applications quickly.

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